New B2B brand: evolution or revolution

New B2B Brand: evolution vs. revolution

“It’s more of an evolution rather than a revolution.” In a Champions League of marketing clichés, you’re looking at Real Madrid. As is often the case ...

All Inclusive B2B Marketing

Inflowing launches all inclusive B2B marketing package for UK SMEs

Today we’re launching a new all inclusive B2B marketing and creative package for SMEs for a flat fee of £5,000 per month excluding VAT. Comprisi...

B2B branding

B2B Branding: the starting point for everything

As our website says, we’re about making marketing matter. We make marketing matter by generating leads and closing business for our customers. We’re d...

GDPR Direct Marketing

GDPR: Direct marketing and the consent conundrum

As we close in on D-Day, we can see from our web stats that marketers are still not clear on GDPR. Who can blame them? We’ve written nearly a dozen bl...

Voice Search Optimisation

Google Home, Alexa and the rise of Voice Search Optimisation

You’ve never seen such joy on a four year old’s face. After what seemed to be hundreds of near misses, they finally connected! Initially having a crac...

B2B Easter Campaigns

B2B Easter campaigns to put a spring in your step

Spring is coming. Lambs are leapin’, flowers are flourishing – it’s a great time to be alive…when you’re joyously skipping through a lush ...

B2B Telemarketing GDPR: Generating leads without consent

B2B Telemarketing GDPR: Generating leads without consent

Sitting with your feet on the table, chillaxing, waiting for the 100th order of the day to come through on the phone isn’t something many B2B companie...

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