Where is the ePrivacy Regulation?

As 2018 draws to a close and the dust has well and truly settled on GDPR, we’re reflecting on what’s next for data protection and the effect it will h...

Google Analytics and GDPR: what you need to know

If you’re a regular user of Google Analytics, you may have noticed recently that a message in a little blue bar appeared on your dashboard, talk...

GDPR Direct Marketing

GDPR: Direct marketing and the consent conundrum

As we close in on D-Day, we can see from our web stats that marketers are still not clear on GDPR. Who can blame them? We’ve written nearly a dozen bl...

Implementing GDPR best practices in your organisation – long-term

I’d like to say at this point – don’t worry, it’ll soon be 25th May and everyone will stop going on about GDPR. But I just can’t see that happen...

B2B Telemarketing GDPR: Generating leads without consent

B2B Telemarketing GDPR: Generating leads without consent

Sitting with your feet on the table, chillaxing, waiting for the 100th order of the day to come through on the phone isn’t something many B2B companie...

How to build a marketing list after GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation

How to build a marketing list after GDPR & ePrivacy Regulation

Apocalypse now! Wherever you sit on the spectrum of: Business as usual <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>&g...

GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation double opt-in

GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation double opt-in: Yay or Nay?

There’s loads to get your head around with GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation. Most of it, like consent and the use of pre-ticked boxes, is pretty clear-cut...

Pre and post-GDPR strategy – why they should be the same thing

Yep – we’re at it again. For the next few months pretty much 80% of the things we think, talk and write about will have something to do with GDP...

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