In a recent poll, nearly 91 percent of consumers claimed they were more likely to work with an authentic brand rather than a brand they viewed as dishonest. If you are trying to take your business from startup to success story, you will need to work hard to build a trustworthy and instantly recognizable brand.

World-renowned brands like Coca-Cola or Disney had to build their image over time. The biggest misconception most business owners have is that they can increase the popularity of their brand overnight.

Having this misconception can lead to a business owner getting deterred and giving up too soon. Understanding that building a brand is an ongoing process can help you stay on task and accomplish the goals you have set.

Read below to find out why branding is so important to the success of your business.


1. The Art of Storytelling

Most people make a stronger connection to a brand that has a story to tell. While having a great looking logo is essential, the story you tell to your audience is far more important.

The modern customer is influenced more by emotions that logos, which is why you have to work on building a backstory for your company. Making an emotional connection with your audience will help to keep them loyal and engaged. Working with branding experts can help you figure out how to establish this emotional connection with ease.


2. It’s All About Recognition

People are inundated with different company images and brands on a daily basis. Most of the brands a person is confronted with don’t even register. Working on making your brand instantly recognizable and easy to digest is essential.

Many people will choose a brand they recognise over a competitor on a regular basis. With an instantly recognisable brand, you are far more likely to increase sales and customer retention rates.


3. Establishing Trust is Vital

Trust is a big factor when it comes to potential customers choosing between two similar products or services. If a consumer sees that your company has a strong brand, they will usually view you as more trustworthy. Setting a high level of quality with your brand is the only way to achieve high levels of success.

Using things like customer reviews is a great way to show prospective clients how passionate you are about taking care of them. Properly training your team to put customer service first is also an important part of building a trustworthy brand.

If you are going to trade shows to entice new customers, make use of your brand. There are many customised promotional items you can use to attract attention to your brand, such as tablecloths, euro fit display, and banners. People who attend these trade shows will be able to get a sense of how well your brand is put together and how trustworthy your company is.


4. Properly Motivating Your Employees

While hiring the right employees is important, keeping them motivated is essential. You want to make sure the team members you hire recognize your brand message and the vision you have for your company.

Getting them to buy-in to this company culture can make growing your business a breeze. Working on keeping your employees engaged is something you need to view as a priority. Engaged employees are the biggest sales tool you have, which is why it is so important to show team members you value them.


5. Branding Puts You Closer to Your Goals

When first starting a business, most people make a list of goals they are passionate about accomplishing. In order to meet and exceed these goals, you will have to work feverishly to build a recognisable brand. A great brand will further the reach your company has with ease.

Working with the right professionals is an essential part of growing a brand. Trying to do all of the work involved in building a brand on your own can lead to big problems over time.



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