Your marketing. Their budget.

Cost neutral campaign is a product designed specifically for IT resellers.

We work hand in hand with you to identify new opportunities for vendor co-marketing.

We’ll secure you fresh marketing funds, then use them to execute high quality marketing campaigns.

What we do

We create compelling campaigns that attract vendor funding, comply with programme and branding requirements, and get results. We use the funding we secure to work with you to do the things that we agree are great ideas.

With a focus on outcomes, metrics and reporting, we build your reputation within the vendor community as being money well spent. This in turn drives additional quarterly pots of funding we can use to drive more leads into your business.

With Cost Neutral Campaigns you could:

Bolster your marketing budget while cutting net costs

Grow your reputation by boosting brand exposure

Execute more high quality campaigns without growing overheads

Free up your internal team to focus on what they do best

Our process

1. Understand

We understand your business and your objectives and how that relates to your partner channel.

2. Plan

We work with you to develop an integrated campaign plan aligned to the vendor’s offering.

3. Pitch

We get the plan in front of the vendor and work to get it approved.

4. Execute

We execute the agreed campaigns, meeting programme guidelines.

5. Report

We communicate at a frequency to suit you – driving maximum results back into your business.

6. Claim

We take care of follow-up admin – proof of execution, proof of spend.

Why Inflowing?

Strong vendor relationships

We already work with many of the top vendors in the business.

We know reseller life

Our team have all worked for resellers, and we understand the challenges you face.

Full spectrum of services

We execute marketing campaigns across channels – from digital to print, inbound to outbound.

Partnership approach

We don’t just secure the funding and run off. We are in it with you for the long haul to work towards commercial outcomes.

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Frequently asked questions

When you sign up for Cost Neutral Campaigns, we will sign a written NDA with the following terms:

  • We will never share details of your MDF with any third party
  • We will never share details of your strategy or campaigns with any third party
  • We will never give you information about other resellers funds or marketing activities

Yes. One of our company values is “Do the right thing”. Everything we do has honesty and decency at its core. It’s how we sleep at night. 

Cost Neutral Campaigns is just that. Unless we secure you funding, and we subsequently execute marketing campaigns, you don’t pay anything. And because it’s designed to be cost neutral, agreed activity comes out of your vendor funding pot, not your wider marketing budget.

Nope! Unless we agree on additional activity with you, you won’t be charged for anything outside of the agreed vendor marketing activity.