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When you’re a niche UK manufacturer in a global market, you have to find your voice. We’ve been helping Elmelin, who make mica-based industrial insulation solutions, to find their voice and then use it to bring the right types of people to their website. Once their ideal customers land on their website, we help to get as many of them as possible to fill in a form in – a vital part of their wider business development efforts.

In support of Elmelin’s pursuit of inbound marketing mastery, we provide a rounded set of services that encompass all the activity they need to bring the right people to their website, convert them into a lead, and then impress them with professional-looking documents and collateral that supports the wider brand message.

Inbound strategy and planning

Content planning and execution


Blogging and social media

Website and conversion optimisation

We have had a number of substantial opportunities which have found us through our website. The is all down to our ongoing inbound journey and our partnership with Inflowing. The fact they are able to offer an all in one service helps us as an SME to achieve marketing objectives that we’ve not been able to previously and in a cost effective way.

– Christian Krauss, Sales Director, Elmelin