We’re Inflowing. We’re making marketing matter. We help organisations to get more leads and close more business using inbound and account-based marketing.

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Our strategy

We’ve distilled the best of the inbound methodology and ABM approach into a single repeatable process that works.

At Inflowing, we work with companies of all sorts and sizes to get them more from their marketing.

We’ve made it our mission to accelerate shareholder value and job creation by making marketing matter.


We offer innovative ways for technology companies to achieve the scale they need and fast. Many tech companies are tired of more traditional marketing techniques that don’t return. Now’s the time for something different. Inbound and ABM are proven to deliver incredible results in a repeatable and scalable way. We’ve packaged specific offerings for technology businesses, like our Managed Channel ABM offering that’s been designed to get technology vendors more bang from their co-marketing funds.

Many a meeting in B2B organisations has ended in stalemate as sales and marketing managers try to figure out how to bring in more business. We’ve done the exploratory work so you don’t have to. Both Inbound and ABM deliver – big time. Whether it’s precision engineering or professional services, we can help craft a bespoke lead generation and business development strategy that’s all about getting new customers and delighting your existing ones.

All small and medium-sized enterprises face the same dilemma: getting more traffic to your website, generating more leads and closing more deals. In a world where online marketing hyperbole has been professionalised, it’s difficult to see the wood from the trees. And when you live and die by your cashflow, you can’t afford to make too many marketing mistakes. At Inflowing, we concentrate on the things that are proven to get outcomes.

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