3 reasons a strategic call to action is important

3 reasons a strategic call to action is important

Your call-to-action is your chance to motivate your audience to make that conversion you need. It can be the determining factor between a visitor and a lead, with many arguing that the call to action is the most important part of your site or ad campaign. But why is a strategic call to action oh so very important? We break it down below.

Customers want them

Your call to action isn’t just important for your business, customers have come to want and expect them. With such a huge amount of business now using call-to-actions within their marketing strategy, most customers now need a call-to-action to give them that little push to take the next step, as they are already primed to search for CTAs. They’ve read your ad, are interested in engaging with your brand, but what is actually going to tell them what to do next? Your call-to-action button – it couldn’t be easier. Omitting the CTA can confuse your customers and hurt your chances of sealing a conversion.

CTAs motivate your sales funnel

CTA and sales funnels are best of friends. Your call-to-actions serve as transitions between the phases of the buyer’s journey, instructing the user on what to do next and encouraging them to take immediate action. No matter what you want your user to do, a well-placed CTA will evoke the action you want and push the customer on in the sales funnel. The easier you make it to take the next step, the more people that will do so – you’ve eliminated the need to solve a problem and facilitated a smooth buying process by giving the people what they want. Give them an eye-catching button focusing on the benefits to guide them to the next phase of the buying process. Don’t use ‘Subscribe’, use ‘Get More Tips’ to draw the viewer into the benefits you can offer them.

CTAs boost the success of your digital advertising

You can spend hours and hours creating ad copy that grabs your customers attention and generates awareness surrounding your product/service, but your CTA is what encourages them to seal the deal. Without a CTA, your messaging will fall flat, meaning all that hard work you put into creating awareness around your product is wasted. You need that final hook that will inspire customers to take the next step.

Not including a CTA may seem minor, but the smallest missed opportunity can lead customers to pass over your brand in favour of the competition. Make sure the CTA is the focus of your ad creative, and ensure you create a strong, inspiring CTA for your campaigns that matches your strategic direction.
Working on creating inspiring CTA’s for your campaign but not quite hitting the spot? Get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.