Inflowing release ABM for WordPress v1.1

Inflowing release ABM for WordPress v1.1

We’re delighted to announce the general availability of ABM for WP v1.1. This feature-packed new release brings about a range of fresh features that will make your website personalisation campaigns way more powerful than ever before.

Displaying the company logo of visitors

We’ve added Logo to the list of fixed personalisations. This fresh functionality means you can display the logo of the company that’s visiting your webpage – a really cool way to give visitors to your website the VIP treatment.


Native integration with WPBakery

ABM element for WPBakery

WPBakery (previously Visual Composer) is one of the world’s most widely used plugins for WordPress, used across millions of sites and thousands of WordPress themes. ABM for WP’s industry-leading personalisation builder is now available as a WPBakery element that you can add to your columns to easily create personalised text, images and hyperlinks.


Remove full stops and commas from Company name

No more annoying full stops and commas getting in the way of your cool looking Company personalisations. Ticking a simple box within the settings section now makes it really simple to get rid of full stops and commas from company names when using fixed personalisations.
Remove bullets and commas from fixed personalisations


Remove legal extensions from Company name

Much like full stops, when you’re writing ninja copy for your website personalisation campaign, sometimes the legal extension – like Inc, Ltd and LLC can get in the way of creating neat looking customised content that converts. There’s now a section in the settings area to filter out the legal extension from fixed Company personalisations.


More choice for ISP filtering

In ABM for WP v1.1 we’ve added flexible personalisations for ISP traffic. This means that rather than visitors from a residential IP address, or coffee shop, just seeing a blank space where one of your personalisations would usually be, you can now set specific messaging to this so called ISP traffic – providing more granular control to individually personalised WordPress pages or posts.


Available today

ABM for WP v1.1 is available on all new ABM for WP deployments from 29.03.18. Existing customers will receive a free upgrade pack to install with easy-to-follow instructions. Our support team are happy to help – just reach out to [email protected] and we’ll see you right.

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