Facebook and Instagram – are they right for B2B?

Facebook and Instagram – are they right for B2B?

Thinking of using Facebook and Instagram for your B2B marketing strategy? Think again. Although we shouldn’t ignore social media as an essential way to connect with people and businesses, with so many social media channels out there, it’s difficult to know which ones to utilise that are best for your business. However, after years of working in B2B, we’ve found that Facebook and Instagram aren’t the best channels to use for B2B strategy…here’s why.


Although over a quarter of the world’s population now uses Facebook every month, its personal nature means it doesn’t work best for B2B businesses. With the majority of users on Facebook being consumers, this isn’t so good for B2B, with 96% of B2C marketers using Facebook for their marketing – it’s an extremely crowded platform in terms of marketing.

Due to the sheer volume of traffic within a person’s feed, it can be difficult for a post to make an impact, particularly due to its popularity amongst consumer brands. Organic reach has declined significantly on Facebook over the past few years, meaning the posts that you’ve put so much effort into will only be seen by a very minimal amount of people. So, although Facebook is one of the most widely used social media sites, its structure doesn’t make it suitable for B2B digital marketing.



Instagram is currently the fastest growing platform with 26.54 million active users in the UK in June 2020. However, with this growing number of active users, consumer-driven businesses have swamped Instagram, making it more difficult to be used effectively by B2B businesses. Instagram works on images being posted, so if you have very little visual content, it is often difficult to create content for the platform. You also can’t link directly within an Instagram post, with the only linking functionality being geared towards ecommerce businesses – not what we want for B2B.

Your Instagram strategy also needs to be carefully thought out and managed, which is particularly time-consuming. It is also a lot more difficult to automate in comparison to other social channels, which would save you time and energy. Finally, there are not many business users or professional buyers on the platform, with it being popular with a younger audience who are very active. This, alongside limited marketing opportunities, restricts the effectiveness of your marketing campaign on Instagram – hence why we don’t actively recommend using Instagram in your B2B marketing strategy.

Thrown off by this post? Were you planning to use Facebook and Instagram for your B2B strategy but now you’re not so sure? Let us do the thinking for you, get in touch and we can discuss what social media engagement is appropriate for your business.


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