Focusing your content for your ABM strategy

Focusing your content for your ABM strategy

I’m sure you know what ABM is, but it wouldn’t be right to start out a blog post without a good old definition, yes, I’m saving you from going to do that Google search. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic marketing strategy where key business accounts are marketed to directly, as units of one, rather than the typical one-to-many approach. This means high-value accounts are identified, key stakeholders are targeted and marketing strategies are implemented through various channels to appeal to the specific needs of the account. Now, onto the real stuff. Content marketing is essential to get right for any business, however, how can we focus this content for an ABM marketing strategy? Take a look at our top tips below.

Show the customer how you can help their business

Once you have decided on the customer you are going to focus on, it is essential that you provide the customer with content that will benefit them. You want to become a trusted advisor within their field so when the time comes for you to interact with them, they already know who you are and know they can rely on you. To set yourself aside from the competition, try and answer the question: why would they want to listen to what my brand is trying to say? Once you identify the niche that sets you aside from other brands, you can streamline your marketing strategy into showing how you can help their business.

Answer questions throughout the buyer’s journey

As we are trying to narrow our target market with ABM, we want to create content that is going to prime the customer before the sales team make contact, and ensure that they are familiar with how the brand and product can solve their needs. Ensure you have research on your target accounts in order to understand their exact needs, and once you think like the customer, you will be able to answer the necessary questions within your content to secure a sale. Although content may not create a sales opportunity, it will create a bond and sense of trust between your business and the customer, so no effort is wasted in planning out your content effectively.

Give your audience a choice of content

While choosing your target audience, it is important to understand where these people are going to be reading your content. Will they focus on one specific medium or will it be across channels? This understanding will then allow you to consider the medium you will use to push out your content strategy. Also consider the rise of mobile phone use – the customer you are trying to reach will most likely use a mobile device, so ensure your content is formatted for mobile and across relevant channels. Video is always a great way to get across a large amount of information to the short attention span of people using mobile devices, or maybe you could consider a blog post.

One of the key elements of effective ABM marketing is a strong content strategy. Ensure you are engaging with your target accounts in the best way possible, reiterating the value you can provide to them and the product/service you offer as well as creating content that will resonate within your customer. These steps are essential if you want to create a great ABM marketing strategy.
If you need some guidance on streamlining your content for your ABM strategy, our experts can help get in touch.