How to proactively focus on marketing

How to proactively focus on marketing

It’s an incredibly tough time for so many businesses out there. So often when times are tough, marketing is understandably not a priority. But on the other hand, even if demand in your sector is low, it’s important to a certain extent to keep the lights on and the engine running from a marketing perspective.  We are committed to helping our customers with their marketing and communication efforts in any way we can during this crisis – whether that’s sending vital notices to customers or keeping the social feeds active.

We’re quite an optimistic bunch at Inflowing, so we are looking at any opportunities for our customers to keep their order books full. While certain tactics are a no-go at the moment, and marketing messages need to be very carefully considered, it’s not time for all the lights to go off yet. 

Here’s how you can put your best foot forward by proactively focusing on marketing.


Content is king

In a time where people are self-isolating and working from home, digital content is a valuable currency. Your community will be craving new ways and new spaces in which to learn and discover new things, which they’d usually get from attending meetings, events, and speaking to other suppliers and peers. 

Now is a perfect opportunity for you to double down on content production efforts, especially while you’re less likely to be doing more tactical and reactive stuff. With careful planning, you could effectively and efficiently use this time to focus on positioning your brand as a trusted advisor and authority in your sector. 

When things pick back up again, demand is back where it was and people are actively pursuing solutions, you’ll be front of mind because you kept them informed and engaged. 


Keeping the lights on

I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with the lights analogy in this post, but let’s run with it. Let’s face it – it’s a tumultuous time, and although many businesses may be forced to put employees into furlough, you want to ensure that where possible your business stays viable and can pick up again and continue to grow when we’re through the other side of this. 

It’s important therefore to reassure your customers that you’re still around and supporting them. If you turn off all marketing activity, you run the risk of creating the perception that you’ve gone out of business – and people will unfortunately be very quick to make that assumption at the moment! 

Keeping a steady stream of transparent and helpful communication into your customer base and online communities will help to reassure them that you’re in it for the long term, and you’re committed to moving forward in any way that you can. 


Delivering value

It’s a difficult time for everyone – including your customers. If you’ve been doing your job right in the time before the world went nuts, you’ll hopefully have some goodwill and brand loyalty from your customer base, and they’ll be hoping to support you as much as you’ll be hoping to keep you in business. 

Equally, other businesses who deal in your sector might have been let down by other suppliers or partners who were unfortunate enough to have to close, or weren’t measured enough in their response to the crisis. You have the opportunity here to show integrity and demonstrate real value to customers and potential customers. 

Whether that’s helpful updates on the state of the supply chain, guidance for how they can deal with a particular challenge in the current climate, or simply providing customers with vital updates around your service and how you plan to support them, thoughtful and useful communication will be invaluable, and will further solidify your brand as a trustworthy one.


If you would like any help or advice about how to navigate the digital marketing world in this difficult time for everyone – get in touch. There’s no obligation. We’re friendly and compassionate and always willing to help out our fellow humans. Stay safe and healthy everyone!