How to personalise WordPress for different sized companies

How to personalise WordPress for different sized companies

Having a blend of big and small organisations that you sell your wares to is pretty typical in a B2B environment. How you service these different companies tends to vary a fair amount. Smaller companies are in a very different position to big ones. As such, everything from the bid process through to account management and support, needs flexing accordingly.

Marketing is no different. Getting the message out to smaller businesses requires a different blend to that of their larger counterparts. You’re unlikely to create a big budget experiential campaign to reach out to SMBs – similarly you don’t sponsor a local business networking event if you’re in the market for a whale rather than small fish.

If only websites offered this flexibility. As marketers, we’ve been stuck for years in a never ending loop of generic nonsense – designed as a catch-all for everyone from General Motors to general stores! Not any longer. The ABM for WP plugin for WordPress gives you the opportunity to personalise WordPress for different sized companies – whether a prospect or a customer. A person accessing the site from a 25 person business will see different text, images or links to people accessing from a 25,000 person business. HOW?! I hear you cry. Hold tight – we’re going in on a ‘how to’ post to provide a whistle stop guide to getting it done pronto.

When you read the following bit of blurb, get yourself in a ‘If This Then That’ mindset. If a company is of this size, show them this content.


Big multinational company example

In this example below, we’re going to create some specific content for organisations writing over a billion dollars in revenue.

Step 1: Move your cursor to the ABM for WP personalisation builder, which is found at the foot of a WordPress Post or Page.

Step 2: In the 1st box select ‘Flexible’ personalisation type.

Step 3: In the 2nd box, select ‘’Revenue”.

Step 4: In the 3rd box, select the revenue band that the company, or companies, you want to target belong to. In our example, we’re going for the whales – so we selected $1bn+.

How to personalise your wordpress website for different sized companies - revenue selection.

Step 5: In the last box on the right, click ‘Insert Shortcode into page/post’.

You can now get cracking with the messaging that you want big companies visiting your website to see. You do this by typing the text between the shortcode tags.

How to personalise WordPress for different sized companies - copy text on webpage


Getting more advanced with Revenue

The more personalisations you do on your WordPress site, the more ideas for pushing the boundaries you’ll have. Here are some of the great use cases our customers have come up with.


‘NOT’ logic


It’s simple to add ‘NOT’ logic to one of your personalisations. Just follow steps 1-4 as outlined above, whilst adding the tick box in box 3. This makes it simple to copy the text you created for your big multinational companies and adapt it for your SMB or midmarket audiences. It’s a really simple way of making your WordPress site work that little bit harder for you on the personalisation front.


Multiple company size personalisations

ABM ninjas go down the route of creating similar personalisations for all the sizes of companies that their business supplies. Depending on the organisation, this could be several personalisations.

This approach ensures that when any of your ABM targets come to your page, they’re getting the best content for them. It’s a true conversion focused way of approaching ABM personalisation on your WordPress site. Obviously it’s going to require more time up front doing it, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not long. Time well spent if you ask us!


Testing your handy work

OK, so you’ve created some personalisations: we need to put them through a stress test. ABM for WP makes this simple using a really easy-to-use Preview Mode. It means you can check out how the site will look for companies of different sizes.

As we’ve done a personalisation focused on large multinational companies, let’s run Oracle Corporation through Preview Mode.

Select settings from the left hand menu within the ABM for WP folder.

ABM for WP how to locate settings

Select preview mode – and then select Oracle Corporation.

ABM for WP settings filled in

Click the ‘Update’ button and browse back to the previous page you were working on. Clicking ‘Preview’ will show you the site as if you’re an Oracle employee access from one of their global locations.


See the software

If any of this isn’t quite making sense, or you just want to chat through with someone, we’d love to help you to personalise WordPress for different sized companies. Register for a demo now!