Helping to change banking forever with Avenir Digital

Helping to change banking forever with Avenir Digital

There are few areas of technology that are blowing up quite as dramatically as chatbots. They’re the hottest thing in tech right now, and everyone from Facebook to Microsoft are in on the action. One of the true pioneer brands in this space are Avenir Digital. Part of the Avenir group of companies that includes Avenir Business Solutions and Avenir IT, Avenir Digital is a business that has developed an innovative banking bot. That is, a chatbot designed to meet the specific needs of financial services organisations the world over.

Suresh Kumar, CEO of Avenir Digital explains: “The world of banking is set to be revolutionised by chatbots. This will be a new industrial revolution to service intensive industries like banking, and our technology can help banks to increase customer loyalty, maximise opportunities to cross-sell other services and reduce back office costs.

“Rather than try and take open-source tools and butcher them for banks, we have developed our own bot framework to meet the specific needs of financial services: compliance, security and high availability. There should be no compromise on quality for our customers – we want to deliver the most effective technology possible.”

Avenir Digital are working with us on an end-to-end programme of inbound marketing. Comprising strategy & planning, content planning, content generation throughout the whole buyer’s journey, social media, and more – we’re providing everything they need to do to build traffic, generate leads and close customers.

Commenting on the partnership, Suresh says: “We’re excited to work with Inflowing. We feel we are working with a business that really understands our technology and has taken the time to deep-dive into where we’re trying to get to. They have put together a compelling marketing-as-a-service proposition.”

Suffice to say we’re excited too. Avenir’s a really exciting brand and we’re proud to be working with a business that’s leading the digital transformation charge.