Education is a huge technology market. So for a huge global technology business like Lenovo, it’s a big deal. We developed and executed an innovative, multi-channel marketing campaign to promote the Lenovo ThinkPad L series into Further Education institutions in the UK, in partnership with Centerprise International.




Demand generation


+£300k closed revenue
+£1.2m pipeline created

lenovo love

To get the Lenovo message in front of as many institutions as possible, we chose a multi-channel approach incorporating an engaging video and powerful messaging.

rocketing revenue

With a 7 figure pipeline, and £300k closed revenue as a direct result of the campaign, marketing people have made salespeople very happy. 

"Inflowing not only bought great ideas, creativity and quality to this campaign, the results speak for themselves. We’ve been able to engage with institutions who we previously hadn’t dealt with, as well as strengthening our partnership with Lenovo."

Krystol Slocombe, Marketing Manager, Centerprise