Acer Donuts & Devices

As part of Acer’s push into the UK higher education market, we created a custom ABM journey taking their business from identifying the right target accounts through to sales enablement.




Demand generation in higher education market


12 appointments
33% convesrsion vs. target

getting personal

In order to raise awareness of Acer within target accounts, and then make progress in moving them through the sales process, we created a bespoke blend of deeply personalised and eye-catching assets.

having it, and eating it

Getting Acer’s business development team in front of a third of their targeted prospects for a face-to-face meeting wasn’t easy. But with the right strategy, the right creative, and the right people – we did it together. 

“Operating in the higher education market takes a specific blend of public sector experience and delicate approach. Inflowing are the go-to name in the industry for tech marketing - and for good reason. They understand the space, and how to get results from it, better than anyone else.”

Yasmin Sidhu, Commercial Lead, Acer