Your ticket to the big time

Account-based marketing (ABM) is an end to end process that targets specific companies. It can be used to on-board marquee prospects, cross-sell to the most profitable customers or help to retain those must-keep clients.

ABM takes tried and tested general marketing tools and techniques and makes them extremely targeted. This intense focus drives better alignment between sales and marketing, focuses purely on outcomes and has been proven to drive bigger returns on your all important marketing spend.

Why ABM?

It’s common knowledge that typically 80% of a B2B organisation’s revenue comes from 20% of their customers. Yet marketing in this space has been stuck in an industry marketing mindset for decades. Match the key account management you use in sales with an ABM strategy and you’ll align your sales and marketing resource under a single set of KPIs focused on bettering your business.

When you start seeing through an ABM lens, your business development is given a shot in the arm. You figure out which of your target accounts are coming to your website, focus specific marketing efforts to bring them to your website, then serve them personalised content on your website to give you the best chance of converting them to a lead. We then drive them home into your closed won pipeline with a truly unique blend of tactics that will raise you head and shoulders above the competition.

Our approach

An ABM journey starts with developing a list of target accounts. This list ranges from 1-250 companies in size. Using insight from a variety of different sources, you put together a list of the prospects and customers you feel you have the best possible chance of converting or retaining based on what you know about your business, its strengths and its strategic direction.

Once you’ve figured out which accounts to target, you need to understand which of them are coming to your website. Our technology integrates with all the leading platforms, including Google Analytics, to append full company data – giving you a clear picture of the interaction your targets are having with your brand.

With visibility over who is coming to your site and who isn’t, you need to drive traffic from those that aren’t currently engaged. This is achieved by focusing specific advertisements online, boasting individual calls to action based your accounts’ individual pain points. This ultra-personalised approach drives an incredible click through rate and gets the organisations that matter on your website.

Bringing more traffic to your site from target accounts is all well and good, but marketing is all about conversion. We use specific ABM technology that gives you the ability to add personalised messaging anywhere on your website – most commonly landing pages, hero images and web banners. Our technology has plugins for all the main content management systems, including WordPress.

With leads in the funnel the focus is on nurturing them. This often includes an element of ‘land and expand’, that is deepening relationships with other people that matter in your target accounts. It also means warming up the contacts you do have with the specific content they need to make an educated choice about their next investment.

Delighting customers and building a supporter framework is absolutely critical to sustainable ABM success. By turning your customers into true advocates for your business, giving them an emotional investment in your vision and making them feel part of what you’re trying to achieve, you drive more profitable partnerships.