Your message from the rooftops

Content marketing is about influencing the thoughts and consequently the behaviour of your audience. The right type of content distributed by the right means is a great way to make people care about your brand, your cause or your product.

Operating across all channels, both digital and analogue, content marketing can be really useful in bringing the right type of people to your website, power a social media strategy, or build a strong reputation in the market.

Why content?

Whatever your wider strategy, and whichever blend of marketing tactics you use, content is king. As a society, we’re all captivated by stories. It’s what’s driven the popularity of mass media – from TV shows to newspapers. Content marketing is way for brands to become the storyteller for their community.

From small schools through to global banks, it’s one of the one few essential components of a marketing communications approach in 2018 because of its ability to engage an audience.

Our approach

The starting point for any content marketing campaign is a strategy. You have to know who your audience is, what type of content they respond well to and where they hang out. We’ll help you come up with a content strategy document and a content calendar that sets you off on the right path.

Knowing what you want to do is no use whatsoever without action. Whether writing a blog post, shooting a video or designing an infographic, a silly amount of content marketing campaigns get stuck because there isn’t a robust content production process. We take care of that for you, delivering back to you finished pieces of work as regular as clockwork.

Once you have your content produced, you want people to consume it. Getting your message distributed in the right way is a critical consideration for content success. Whether it’s pushing out your messages as a social media management service, or coding and sending an awesome email newsletter, we make sure your content engages your audience.

Taking stock of what you’ve done and the highs and the lows is really important. It feeds back into the planning process and makes sure that your next wave of content gets even better results. We provide bespoke reporting in whatever format, and whatever frequency you like, giving you piece of mind you’re getting maximum bang for your buck.