5 tips for effective landing page optimisation

5 tips for effective landing page optimisation

There’s no doubt that a good landing page is essential for any successful business – it’s the medium through which you can convert your visitors into leads. However, in order to do so,  you need to delight them first. In the following piece, we want to provide you with some insightful advice to make your landing page much more impactful – by attracting more prospects and converting them into customers.

By enhancing and improving certain elements of your landing page adequately, the conversions will systematically increase. During landing page optimisation, we need to collect the right data – which will help us to better understand what visitors expect from their experience. Creating a successful landing page won’t be achieved overnight – the process will be a continuous learning curve, where you’ll be making tweaks, observing and analysing the results obtained. Your main goal will be to increase the conversion rate. Which will be evaluated on a regular basis – to make this happen we have different resources, such as strengthening your CTAs, removing visual distractions, or removing unnecessary form fields.


Clear offer

Avoid confusing displays and interfaces. Think and try to relate with your customers and the visitor experience – what’s their goal and how we can make it achievable. When a visitor approaches your site, emotions and first impressions count. 

Reflect on what your landing page is conveying to your prospects – are you showcasing the right solutions? How does this landing page make them feel? Are you effectively communicating the benefits of your offering?


Less is more

Sometimes simple designs are the most effective – getting rid of visual distractions can have a very positive impact on your conversion rate. As well as locating and using call to actions (CTA) strategically,  you can entice the visitor to focus on a certain action.

Similarly, you should keep CTAs clear and concise, avoiding any kind of confusion or visual clutter. The clearer the message, the better it will reach the visitor’s attention.


Scarcity as an ally

If you’re a seasoned marketer, you’ve probably heard about scarcity techniques. These techniques aim to entice visitors to act as soon as possible in case they miss something. 

By using scarcity techniques in landing page optimisation, you create a lead magnet –  in the form of a live webinar, a free audit, or even a limited-time discount. Consider adding a countdown timer to your call to action can make the scarcity effect to be more visual – telling the visitors how much time they have left before the offer expires.


Add contact information

Adding your contact information to your landing page is essential. You can do this in many different ways – you can locate them on your landing page or use a contact form. Consider too including an automated help centre.  Which will provide visitors with frequently asked questions or tutorials. 


Add testimonials

Testimonials are social proof of your business career. With testimonials, you ensure that people know which other businesses have used your services. Furthermore, you can provide how successful your service was and why it’d be recommended.

Think outside the box – quote testimonials work very well but consider using more innovative options such as video testimonials – paving your way to be head and shoulders above the competition.


SEO for your landing page

Think about this – visitors find your landing page via organic search. Try to make your landing pages rank on the organic search results, especially if the page is your home page.

It’s vital to optimise your landing page for relevant keywords. Which will make the Google algorithm rank you better when people are searching for phrases related to your service or offering. If you struggle to find the right keywords use tools like Ubersuggest. It will suggest useful keywords to add to your landing page – incorporating them into headlines, images, alt text, etc.



At this stage, you’ll already know that optimising your landing page is not a task that can be done overnight. It will require meditated actions and a long-term vision. Which will have to adapt to the different issues and results encountered. Keep conversion rate as your final goal, and use it as a way of evaluating your efforts.

At Inflowing we have a long and proven experience optimizing landing pages and websites, providing seamless and successful results. We are more than happy to help you with your journey. Don’t hesitate and get in touch soon!