modern slavery policy

The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires that Inflowing Ltd publicly discloses the measures it has put in place to ensure its business operations and supply chains are free of human trafficking and slavery. Inflowing Ltd maintains a number of key processes and activities to ensure compliance to the Act.

Supplier and Supply Chain Activity

Background screening of all product and service suppliers to Inflowing Ltd is conducted on an ongoing basis using a third party database.

A comprehensive Supplier Review Process has been developed to ensure that:

  • Suppliers to Inflowing Ltd agree to our policy reagrding Modern Slavery, as set out in our standard terms and conditions. To meet approved supplier status due diligence processes are in place for all approved suppliers
  • Supplier performance is reviewed and monitored by the Inflowing Ltd board of directors
  • Documentation is gathered and kept as evidence from our suppliers, to confirm their modern slavery act compliance and operational processes
    Guidance on modern slavery is provided to those procuring services to develop their knowledge of the ever-changing issues regarding modern slavery
  • One of Inflowing Ltd’s core values is to “Do the right thing” as exemplified in our Recruitment and Human Resources

Embedded Strategic HR practices

Inflowing has strategic HR measures in place to mean that:

  • All staff are suitably assessed for their right to work
  • Workplace equality processes are in place and acted upon consistently
  • All Wages and benefits given to workers comply with relevant legislation

Continuous Improvement

Inflowing Ltd continually reviews and develops its policies, procedures and measures to ensure we operate within the scope of the Modern Slavery Act and that our activities are ethical in the content of a global society and in line with our values. We have a whistleblowing process to ensure that all staff have a voice that will be listened to and acted upon where necessary by an independent business.

Statement made by Daley Robinson, MD, Inflowing Ltd
Last reviewed: 30/04/2021