5 ways Apple Vision Pro could transform the digital workspace

5 ways Apple Vision Pro could transform the digital workspace

Digital marketing is an industry that predominantly consists of hybrid and fully-remote working. The digital world isn’t slowing down and the latest major reveal from Apple could have major implications for the digital workspace. Apple Vision Pro has announced numerous features that could be game-changers for those working from home, so I’ve explored the transformative potential it could have for digital workspaces.

Apple Vision Pro is a new device developed by Apple that’s taken the world of technology by storm. Following the recent reveal, social media has exploded with users sharing their thoughts and opinions (as well as the bounty of memes) about Apple’s new flagship product. It’s apparent that the reveal has walked a fine line between exciting ingenuity to signs of a possible dystopian future, no matter which side of the fence we fall on, it could be a potentially significant step in the digital evolution of all industries.

Using machine learning algorithms to identify objects and scenes in images and videos, Apple Vision Pro can recognise people, objects, and places, and even understand emotions and facial expressions. Unsurprisingly, Apple Vision Pro is integrated into Apple’s devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, so it will naturally benefit those using these devices as opposed to Windows and Android for example.

As a digital marketer working remotely, my first thought when seeing the Apple Vision Pro reveal was how its technology could be used in the agile and fast-paced world of remote digital marketing. Remote working became a phenomenon during the pandemic and has since been recognised as a highly attractive and beneficial professional work environment. A key purpose of Apple Vision Pro is to enable remote workers with a digital workspace that is both efficient, practical and engaging.


Boost Productivity

Apple Vision Pro essentially works by projecting a virtual screen in front of you, that is mapped to fit within the room you’re in and become a new medium to work on. This is thanks to the new operating system, visionOS, which displays digital content in such a way that it feels present in a user’s physical world. It can project multiple screens, at any size required, where each one is fully interactable, just as it would be on a laptop or mobile device.

Productivity could potentially be increased due to this unique way of working. Being able to work on a user interface that is visually impactful and engaging may help to engage employees and allow them to simultaneously access different programs and tools. Nobody wants to work on old hardware anymore, and Apple Vision Pro offers the exact opposite, a glimpse into the future.


Improve Accessibility

Accessibility is another important aspect of Apple Vision Pro, as it allows for virtual screens to be increased to any size required. This has positive implications for reporting and analysis, where graphs can be increased to gain greater visibility and interpretation of data. It’s also ideal for small text, perhaps with web design coding where there can be a lot of information in a condensed amount of space, allowing for potential coding errors to be identified easier.


Better Ergonomics

Working off a laptop all day everyday can be an issue, particularly if the set up isn’t correct. It’s recommended that employees stand for 5-15 minutes out of every hour, so naturally Apple Vision Pro can support this as it enables users to work freely whilst standing up, requiring no standing desks or additional equipment. This therefore makes it beneficial from an ergonomic perspective, allowing users more freedom with their working health.


Calm Work Environment

Apple Vision Pro has object and spatial recognition, therefore being able to project imagery onto walls or ceilings for example. In a day and age where we recognise the importance of employee wellbeing and workplace mental health, having access to resources that help with these areas is becoming more commonplace. Well, Apple Vision Pro can provide users with the calming work environment they want, by projecting large-scale video and imagery. Examples could include a quiet beach projected into the background or blue skies upon the ceiling.


Enhance Video Meetings

Video meetings and conferencing are regular occurrences in digital marketing, and the technology involved with Apple Vision Pro could further enhance the quality and clarity of video calls. It allows for video calls to take place on a virtual screen that can be positioned wherever suitable. It’s possible to have a meeting and other screens in tandem, allowing for clear communication while having access to emails, reports and presentations all at once.

Furthermore, when using FaceTime, it creates a fully animated persona of yourself as it scans your face and reconstructs it digitally. This therefore means that others in the call can still ‘see’ you, even without a camera facing you. It even tracks hand movements as well so you can present virtually, pointing at perspective charts or graphs for example. The effectiveness of this however is yet to be fully understood, and it could be seen as a strange or distracting way to communicate, especially when you factor in likely bugs or glitches. It’s also not yet fully understood the toll it’ll have on Wi-Fi usage and data.



Apple Vision Pro is a powerful and exciting tool for various reasons. It has the potential to transform digital workspaces and significantly enhance remote working. Of course, there’s still a lot more to find out and it does have some limitations. The two standouts are the price, with it retailing at a hefty $3499, and also the fact it requires Apple devices to reach its full potential. With that being said, the features it includes and potential it has make it an exciting product for those of us working in a digital environment.


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