Spreading Christmas Cheer in Digital Marketing

Spreading Christmas Cheer in Digital Marketing

Christmas is the time of year for spending time with family and celebrating the hard work and successes of the previous months. For digital marketers, it is also the time of year for Christmas themed campaigns and messages to share with customers. It’s all about being thankful for their support, and here we discuss 5 ways you can spread Christmas cheer and show your appreciation.

The festive season can be highly valuable for many businesses, particularly those in retail. Christmas shopping can generate staggering revenue as people seek out the perfect gifts for loved ones. Campaigns designed specifically for the Christmas period require significant planning beforehand, identifying target audiences, channels and competitors. From a digital marketing perspective, Christmas can present numerous opportunities as well as challenges, depending on the business. At Inflowing, we specialise in B2B content marketing, and therefore play an important role in delivering festive content on behalf of our customers. This can include important business information such as opening times over the festive period as well as thank you messages for their customers. Here we share 3 tips for ensuring the content effectively delivers the Christmas message.


Say Thank Yule!

As previously mentioned, Christmas is a time for celebrating the various challenges that have been overcome during the past year, as well as successes. Many people use the Christmas and New Year break to reflect, so it’s a great opportunity to recognise this and do the same. Analytics can be used to reflect and share your successes with customers, showing how they’ve helped you grow. Of course, for any business, it’s our customers that keep us going and showing appreciation for their support is an important part of digital marketing in the festive period. 

How exactly can we show appreciation? Well, an ideal first step is to identify which channels will be used to share the message. Social media channels are great, as it’s the time of year when people are wanting to see festive positive content, turning to social media for a bit of fun. If email marketing is one of your major channels, it can be an easy and highly effective way of letting them know you appreciate them, thanks to having access to a full database of contacts and customers who have subscribed to your newsletter. As well as writing thank you messages to customers via email, another method that may spark more engagement would be to include a ‘gift’ for the recipients…


A little something from Santa’s Workshop…

Christmas is the time for presents and gifts, so why not use this in your festive campaigns? For businesses selling products and services to customers, a great way of saying thank you is by sending them gifts. These could be in the form of exclusive promo codes or invitations to upcoming events. Giving exclusive discount codes to individual contacts helps to make them feel more valued and appreciated. Social media is excellent for generating excitement around festive sales and discounts, as well as driving email subscriptions. Sharing posts that incentivise users to fill out email newsletter sign-up forms for exclusive discounts leads to users on social media platforms moving between channels and progressing along the funnel into potential leads. 

When sharing promotional content and discounts, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make sure promotional codes are received in plenty of time before Christmas day, in order to help boost sales from people buying gifts for others. Furthermore, as with any promotion, including an expiration date on promo codes can help apply some gentle pressure to customers and push sales. As well as discounts, sending personalised invitations to your most loyal customers for upcoming events and webinars is another form of gifting that can help customers feel appreciated.


Holly Jolly Christmas

Perhaps the most important aspect of Christmas content in digital marketing is to have fun. People are wanting to see engaging happy content that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s an opportunity for businesses to express some personality and share a different side to them with customers. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok can allow for fun and creative content; get the Christmas attire on and use festive filters to embrace their lighthearted side. This type of content can be excellent for branding and help to boost engagement. 

User metrics across all platforms can increase significantly thanks to Christmas content that is bright, colourful and captures the festive spirit. Other fun ideas can include competitions or Christmas raffles and giveaways, encouraging customers to join in and win some exciting gifts or offers. Digital marketers have access to such a wide variety of tools and channels that allow for creativity to soar, and Christmas is the perfect time to make the most of this. Essentially, it’s all about making customers happy and creating unique content that may only be possible during the festive season.


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