Why LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing

Why LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing

There are various social channels and platforms to invest time in marketing and networking in 2021 (Quora and Xing among others). However for B2B, the data points in one particular direction, towards the subject of this article – LinkedIn.

In the last decade, LinkedIn has rapidly become the largest professional network in the world. It is not accidental that LinkedIn currently has more than 740 million members, and it’s used in more than 200 countries and territories. These huge figures provide LinkedIn with a broad spectrum of individuals, collecting all professionals in the same place, with different professions, functions or career paths. Likewise, companies are registered on the platform, reaching more than 55 millionYet, the advantages of the network don’t end there, the profile information and content shared is a perfect shop window, ideal for refining a business search – members’ interests, education or experience will be within the reach of a click. Basically, LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing.


LinkedIn = B2B

The largest online professional network provides the perfect source of contacts to any B2B marketer. As a B2B-centric resource, LinkedIn is the setting where business is done and where opportunities emerge. This advantageous position puts LinkedIn head and shoulders above other commonly used marketing channels, such as Facebook or Twitter.

On the other hand, LinkedIn has become a quality and standard requirement for most brands. It’s no surprise that Linkedin has been rated as the most trusted social media platform. For B2B marketing, reaching decision-makers is crucial, LinkedIn has become the essential tool for putting the sales funnel in motion. On the other hand, marketers are able to address and influence decision-makers during the buyer’s journey. 52% of buyers that use LinkedIn to research products, find the platform most useful compared to those on Facebook or YouTube.

However, let’s explore more in-depth about 5 key benefits of LinkedIn for B2B marketing:


Benefit #1: Set the tone

When you use LinkedIn for B2B marketing, you have the advantage of context. When users turn to social media, the tone here is more relaxed. Platforms like Facebook are used preferably to share social activity and personal life. Conversely, the users present on LinkedIn, seek to enrich their contacts network, in short, professional purposes. 

Thanks to this inherited professional-centric premise that sets the tone, brands and firms are better perceived on the LinkedIn Framework against other platforms. The Nielsen Study stated that brand perception becomes more professional” (92%), “more intelligent” (74%), “higher quality” (59%), and “more respectable” (59%) when seen on LinkedIn platform.


Benefit #2: Precise Targeting

If you are aiming to launch LinkedIn ads, the targeting information will be directly sourced from LinkedIn. This implies that your targeting will be much more precise than other platforms due to the valuable profile information contained in the platform. This option will get you in front of the most interesting audiences for your business and tweak the targeting parameters as many times as you want – not too shabby, right!


Benefit #3; Endless marketing resources

Reaching people organically on social media becomes gradually harder. As a result, digital advertising has turned to be the marketers’ preferred option. Aware of this, LinkedIn relies on multiple tools to meet B2B marketers needs, targeting the right audiences.

For example, LinkedIn offers Ad Objectives. Continuously increasing the use of this tool provides different ad objectives, lead generation or website visits. Website visit objectives, also known as traffic ads – used to generate traffic to your website. LinkedIn assures that every click that is charged means a click to your website.


Benefit #4: Use your data

Another useful perk of using LinkedIn is that you can target prospects using your own data. The process is very simple, just upload a list of emails, LinkedIn will match those emails with the user profiles. Then once matched, you will have a list of LinkedIn contacts at your disposal, ready to use in any campaign.

And there’s more – if you are invested in an account-based marketing project, you can use LinkedIn’s account targeting tool. This tool will make it easier to market your business to other companies on LinkedIn efficiently. There are other handy tools in the platform, perfect for assisting you in you and your business (Lookalike audiences or LinkedIn Insight Tag).


Benefit #5: Power your Employees

Last but not least, LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing because its an empowering tool for your employees. As your greatest asset, employees can perform as brand ambassadors on LinkedIn. Invest in your employees optimised profiles so that they can become the finest spokespeople of the company, this enhancement will be reflected in the visibility and presence on LinkedIn. Even Google as part of its crawling procedure, assesses the profiles of your employees and your website, giving them more or less relevance on search results. Don’t rest on your laurels and keep your profiles optimised and updated – Google will love it!



LinkedIn is perfect for B2B marketing. The current world of digital requires much more accurate and trustable information. There are numerous resources to use – but the search has become complicated due to the overflooded network. B2B marketers have to tackle this circumstance on a daily basis, for this reason, they rely on reliable professional networks like LinkedIn –  offering a setting where the content is perceived in a more positive light because of the surrounding environment.


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