Why LinkedIn video marketing is making such an impact

Why LinkedIn video marketing is making such an impact

For many years, LinkedIn has been a powerhouse in social media where professionals can network and engage with others from any industry. Users have access to a plethora of features that allow for diverse content and interactions, making LinkedIn an attractive platform that is used by over 800 million people. One of these is the ability to post native videos.

Any social media platform will provide opportunities for digital marketers, and LinkedIn is no exception. Bolstering multiple ways for target audiences to be reached with relevant content, LinkedIn traditionally consisted of text-based posts that allowed users to share anecdotes, thought leadership and informative content. While this still remains today, LinkedIn is now giving users much more creative freedom. Users can celebrate new positions, start unique polls and even create events all from the click of a button. LinkedIn video marketing has proven to be not only effective for engagement but also for impressions. Why is this?


Content Consumption Is Changing

LinkedIn native video launched back in 2017, and over the past 6 years we have seen a consistent increase in the number of videos being posted for both personal and marketing purposes. There has been a shift in the way content is consumed and we’re living in a digital age, where visual media is King. All digital marketing channels will use visual content to attract users and drive engagement. LinkedIn video marketing is a prime example of this trend, with video posts gaining 5X more engagement than traditional text-based posts. 

These days, the majority of digital marketing strategies and advertising campaigns utilise video content as the statistics are too strong to ignore. In 2022, 84% of marketers using LinkedIn video as a channel found success in their campaigns. As well as engagement, impressions are also found to be higher for videos. We’ve seen the meteoric rise of short-form video content in apps like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, so it’s really of no surprise that videos on LinkedIn are becoming increasingly lucrative.


Generous Specs…

LinkedIn doesn’t hold users back when it comes to video content. There aren’t 30 second limits or quality restrictions; in fact, LinkedIn is surprisingly generous with video specifications. The specs do vary depending on whether the videos posted are native or via an ad campaign. Native videos are the most common, and are essentially the videos that any LinkedIn user can post – simply choose your file from your PC or mobile and upload. On the other hand, LinkedIn video ads are sponsored company videos set up using Ad Campaigns. These are paid for by businesses as they allow for a more targeted approach, with larger audiences and greater potential for building brand awareness. Below is a breakdown of the key specifications for native video:

Duration: 3 seconds – 10 minutes

File size: 75KB – 5GB

Resolution range: 256×144 to 4096×2304

Frame rates: 10 – 60 frames per second

Orientation: Horizontal or Vertical

File formats: ASF, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, QuickTime, WebM, H264/AVC, MP4, VP8, VP9, WMV2, and WMV3.

These specs allow for a vast range of video types to be created and uploaded, with many supported file formats, resolutions and durations. This means that digital marketers can create the necessary video content to get the message across to their audience. A specifically nice accessibility option is the allowance of both horizontal and vertical video orientation. With mobile usage being so high, being able to post vertical videos designed specifically for mobile is an excellent feature.


Final Thoughts

Simply put, LinkedIn video marketing is making such an impact because of the way in which we consume content these days, with visual media being so popular. Many users would choose to watch a 30 second video over reading a piece of text, and digital marketers have recognised this, leading to the rise of video content in marketing strategies. The analytics have shown since 2017 that videos on LinkedIn get higher engagement and more impressions, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Is video marketing a channel you’re thinking of implementing into your strategies? Let’s have a chat about how we can help boost your engagement and get your content seen.


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