Cloud8 provide an intuitive cloud platform to corporate advisors. They improve the employee experience through affordable digital benefits, excellent support, reporting and communications.





Delivering ABM campaign


A bank of key content for the start up to take to market and adapt + recycle
Turn-key solution from data to demos

advancing ABM

Cloud8 were looking to get their cloud software in front of a small target list of Brokers, Financial Advisors and Wealth Management companies in the UK. After securing funding and recruiting a new marketing manager, they got in touch to help step up their activity.

Cloud8 collateral

sky high

Since working with Inflowing, the sky’s the limited for Cloud8. Now working with loads more of their target market, they’re at maximum momentum and well on their way to global domination.

"Inflowing helped us define a core target list of the right people in the right places for us. Supporting our 2021 campaigns, they provided us with powerful content from emails to videos – improving open rates and demo bookings"

Sam Brennan, Marketing Communications Manager, Cloud8