e-days is an annual leave and sickness tracker which makes absence management easy for organisations of all sizes across the world. After a review of their agencies, with the intention to look at a more local approach that allowed for closer interaction with partners, they engaged with us to turn up the dial on lead generation via their website.




Increasing inbound leads


+61% Organic Traffic
+39% Leads from Organic

building better

We built our activity with e-days around a persona and keyword-driven approach to optimising both their website and their content to help drive more of the right traffic to the site. We also supported on the wider marketing strategy, supporting their limited internal marketing resource and helping to steer their ship in the right direction.

real results

With a considerable uptick in organic traffic, and leads up over a third, e-days were able to fill their pipeline with the right types of prospects.

"We have seen an immediate improvement in our traffic and conversions from SEO, as well as increased interaction from the content produced by the team at Inflowing."

Alex Wortley, Marketing Communications Manager, e-days