Freedom Tech

Freedom Tech support corporate and education customers in upgrading to the latest technology with flexible and cost-effective financing options. Their range of solutions includes leasing, salary sacrifice, personal interest-free finance, and parental contribution 1:1 programmes. 


Freedom Tech


Strengthening the brand


50+ sales appointments
600+ rankings

brand building

We support Freedom Tech as their virtual marketing team, combining content marketing with proactive demand generation strategies to grow their brand in their market and bring consistent messaging to all of their activities.

more momentum

In increasing rankings on Google and generating a shedload of sales appointments for their hungry sales team, Freedom Tech are gearing up for a new phase of growth. 

"It’s vital that customers see us as a brand they can trust – and Inflowing have helped us bring a new level of consistency, clarity and professionalism to our case studies and lead generation strategy."

James Gunson, Managing Director, Freedom Tech