Talivest is an employee engagement and surveying platform which helps people-focused businesses improve their employee experience through real-time analytics and feedback.




Deliver ABM to 25 targeted enterprise accounts


10% engagement rate
52 marketing qualified leads


Our objective was to engage Talivest with a select group of enterprise businesses in sectors where they were a perfect fit – pharmaceuticals, consultancy, technology and telecomms. We helped them to run an end-to-end ABM campaign which resulted in meaningful conversations with brands like Jaguar Land Rover, Deloitte and Vodafone.

real results

Engaging with 10% of the target in either a demo, or sales call- resulting in over 50 leads being accepted by the sales organisation.

"There were some very shocked faces in the office the day we launched the campaign and we could see the likes of JLR and Deloitte engaging with our content! The ABM campaign Inflowing delivered opened up opportunities for us in the enterprise space that we previously hadn’t thought possible."

- David Kenny, VP of Growth, Talivest