Century Secure Group UK Ltd help businesses and homeowners protect the people, property and possessions that are most important to them using a bespoke combination of gates and barriers, access control, alarm and life safety systems. Everything they do is backed by outstanding all-in-one service – and they expect the same from the trusted network of partners.


We work with Century to provide All Inclusive Marketing – a comprehensive programme of activity that combines:

  • Inbound marketing to bring valuable prospects to their website and convert them using a cute blend of conversion tactics
  • Content marketing and community management – making sure the business is positioned as a genuine leader in their market to helping to captivate staff, customers and partners
  • Demand generation campaigns to help drive the business’ message to those meeting their Ideal Customer Profile

“For us as a growing business, it is crucial to get a return from the investments we make. Inflowing are delivering on the metrics that matter for us and we’re excited to see where this partnership will take us in the future.”

Darren Pearshouse - Managing Director - Century Secure Group UK Ltd


Century Secure Group have enjoyed month on month gains across both traffic and lead generation:

In just 6 months – Inflowing have been able to

  • Almost quadruple traffic
  • Increase the number of leads through the website by 164%