Ergo3 are a new generation of energy consultancy, passionate about transparency, simplicity and value. As an ambitious company, they wanted to give a big boost to business development across two distinct focus areas: enterprise and midmarket.


We worked with Ergo3 to remodel customer acquisition from the ground up. We split their lead generation efforts into two distinct campaigns:

  • Inbound marketing to cost-effectively scale their prospecting into the 3 million businesses in the UK.
  • Account-based marketing to complement the work of skilled energy consultants in helping to nurture and close high-value, enterprise accounts.

This two-pronged attack gave specific focus on the notable names that would be a good fit for the business and ultimately contribute the most gross profit.

“Inflowing took the time to understand where we’re heading to and built a bespoke marketing approach that is accelerating our journey there.”

Chey Garland CBE - CEO - Ergo3


Ergo3 have recently experienced a significant acceleration in growth off the back of this exciting new marketing approach. Headcount has doubled in in the last 12 months, and is set to skyrocket even more in the very near future off the back of traffic and lead generation which is 120% better than it was before Inflowing got involved.