What is ABM website personalisation?

What is ABM website personalisation?

Marketing has always been more powerful when it’s personal. Cool innovations like social selling and marketing automation have enabled marketers to deliver a much more personal approach over the past decade. One area which hasn’t really kept pace is websites. It’s always been accepted that your website has to reflect the diversity of your prospects and customers, which ultimately means either generic text or aggressive base-covering to make sure all verticals get an honorary mention.

Luckily, account-based marketing (ABM) has come along to save us all from mediocrity. Nowadays, personalisation is neatly wrapped under the ABM umbrella. ABM is a little bit of a know-it-all: it has an answer to practically everything. Fortunately for all of us, that includes ABM website personalisation.
ABM personalisation can happen anywhere: social media, ad networks, physical mailshots. But it’s the opportunities that exist on your website that really steal the show.


What is ABM website personalisation?

ABM website personalisation is the process of dynamically changing text, images or links on your website depending on who is browsing.


How does ABM website personalisation work?

It works by using technology that looks at their IP address and matching that against public databases to identify the organisation.


What are the use cases?

The sky’s the limit when it comes to ABM personalisation. You can personalise against loads of different types of information, including:

  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • SIC/NAICS code
  • Website URL
  • Number of employees
  • Revenue

There’s loads more flexibility that we’ll detail in some follow up blogs. Suffice to say, we love it.


In this example, we’ll walk you through a homepage personalisation for one of our clients Ergo3.
They’re an energy broker based in the North East. As an energy broker, their VIP customers (and therefore their VIP prospects) are large users of energy.

Given their presence in the North East, they wanted to use account-based marketing to make a play to enterprise companies within a 20 mile radius of their offices.

As the image below shows, this campaign was all about personalising the experience based on the industry sectors of their ABM list.

ABM strategy table

When specific companies that they wanted to target visited their website, the ABM for WP plugin from Inflowing detects who it is from their IP address and pulls down all the rest of the information about that company. ABM for WP then shows the specific text, images and links that Ergo3 wanted to show to them when they visited their website. You’ll see from the example below, the content is neat for the industry the organisation is: Even some of the sales copy in the boxes as the bottom have been personalised to make it more relevant to the person reading it.

Ergo3 Nissan




Why ABM website personalisation?

As marketers, we know that the more relevant the experience you can give a customer or a prospect, the better chance you have of converting or retaining them. This is book 1 paragraph 1 stuff –  next to the 4 Ps obviously. Despite ABM being new-fangled, this rule still very much applies. Ergo3 have onboarded 3x the prospects in their ABM campaign in comparison vs traditional non-ABM campaigns.


Who is it for?

ABM website personalisation is really for any B2B organisation. It used to be said of ABM that it was an enterprise-only play: both in terms of those running the campaign and the respective targets.

Now, an enterprise target may make your ROI a better prospect if you get it right, but the disruptive costs of innovative solutions like ABM for WP enables ABM for all with price points as low as £400 per month.


Wanna learn more?

ABM for WP is a powerful tool. Whether you have your own internal team and just want to license the tech, or need someone who knows the system inside out to run campaigns on it, we’re the team you can trust. If you’d like to run through a demo, then fill in this form and we’ll hook you up.

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