Hot 100 inbound performance report

Hot 100 inbound performance report

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of the Inflowing Hot 100 Inbound Performance Report (catchy title, no?).

As a growing agency in the UK, we’re passionate about helping businesses develop and succeed through effective online marketing. Inbound marketing isn’t just a job to us – it’s a passion. We love to see it done well, and we thrive on helping organisations take it to the next level.

With this in mind, we took an in-depth look at how some of the fastest growing businesses in the UK fared against our guidelines and standards for inbound marketing.

To do this, we used Real Business’ latest Hot 100 list – a ranking of the UK’s fastest growing private companies. Through this report, we wanted to answer the questions that were on our – and we’re guessing countless other marketers’ – minds:

  • Do marketing efforts vastly improve as you grow?
  • Does higher annual turnover mean more effective online marketing?
  • Just how many businesses, who are at the cutting-edge of their own industries, are operating at the cutting-edge of marketing?


Download the report and I’m sure you’ll agree the results are pretty fascinating. Here are the headlines that captured our attention:

  • 2 of the top 100 growing companies in the UK don’t have a website (yes, you really read that right).
  • The top performing business in the UK are operating their online marketing at 42% effectiveness.
  • 22 of the businesses we looked at did not have any social media presence at all.
  • Of the 100 businesses examined, 30 did not have a blog or news section on their site.


If you want to get into detail on the rest of the report,  you can download a copy for free at

Hot 100 inbound marketing report