How to delight your customers using marketing automation

How to use marketing automation to delight your customers

When carrying out an inbound strategy, it can be so tempting (and sometimes easy) to focus on loading contacts and leads into the top of the funnel an...

Content marketing and inbound marketing are not the same thing

Content marketing and inbound marketing are not the same thing

Content marketing and inbound marketing share some things in common. They’re both buzzwords that have been around for a number of years. They both inv...

Inbound Marketing and SEO - How do they relate

Inbound Marketing and SEO: How do they relate?

If you’re new to digital marketing, you might hear a lot of words and phrases thrown around and not necessarily know what they are or why you need to ...

4 strategies for repurposing your blog posts

4 strategies for re-purposing your blog content

  Whether you’re lucky enough to be an established and well-resourced marketing team or not, content production can always be a drain on time. Th...

Why you're not getting leads from your blog

4 reasons you’re not getting leads from your blog

Whether you’re just starting out with inbound or have been doing it for a while, content production and promotion can sometimes feel like a long slog ...

gdpr and eprivacy regulation

GDPR and ePrivacy Regulation: Beyond the marketing fog

Update: 16.01.18. The ePrivacy Regulation is still under review. Since this article was published, there’s been a big shift in the draft legisla...

Setting SMART Marketing Goals

Video: Setting SMART marketing goals for your business

We’re happy to announce the Inflowing YouTube channel! In our first video, I’m offering some advice on setting SMART digital marketing goa...

Sales funnel vs Buyer's journey

Sales Cycle vs Buyer’s Journey: 5 reasons to change your mindset

If you’ve spent a mere millisecond in any kind of B2B sales environment in the last 20 years, you’ll have heard “sales cycle” many hundreds of times. ...

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